About Us

Our recruiters are well-established professionals with a wealth of experience in their respective industry sectors. We consistently demonstrate an understanding of the needs of both client and candidate, and thus help to ensure that clients and candidates are mutually benefited in the recruitment process.

Our Experience

Klein and Associates / CKM Staffing is now in our fourth decade of recruiting giving  an in-depth understanding of your job skills requirements. Our recruiting experience means we find, pre-qualify, and pre-screen the best possible candidates.

Our Staff

Representing companies of all sizes, including many in the Fortune 500, our staff possesses a high degree of integrity, commitment to service, and professionalism. We are dedicated to providing our client companies with knowledgeable and professional candidates, who are pre-screened to determine their technical strengths, salary expectations, and geographical availability prior to presentation.

Our Success

Klein & Associates’ superior candidates are the key to our superior reputation as a premiere recruiting firm in the insurance industry. Matching both the technical and cultural needs of our clients, the Klein & Associates’ candidate has a stable work record, professional education, strong work ethic, and collaborative attitude.