Benefit and Savings of Contract Staffing

For our Clients, we specialize in providing access to quality candidates with whom we have developed relationships with over the years.

Our Goals

CKM Staffing measures its success by the long-term relationships we foster as we earn our client’s trust—making placements one at a time. We start by understanding the corporate goals of our clients and then identify those individuals who will flourish, to the mutual benefit and satisfaction of the candidate and client. Our goal is to develop and maintain the most beneficial relationships with our client partners. This means focusing on industry leaders, by becoming an integral part of the corporate management and human resources support team.


The choice between using CKM Staffing, Inc. and performing your own in-house search depends on your time and resources. Our clients have found our services to be more expeditious, more cost-effective, and in turn, produce more highly-qualified candidates who have the exact requisite skills and experience required. Our value is derived from our experienced staff, our industry specific databases and our in-depth industry knowledge. We provide the stellar performance our clients need and deserve.

Temporary Staffing Available

Our temporary employees are fully-insured with Workers Compensation, General Liability, Errors & Omissions, and bond coverages.

If you need to reduce risk, save money, and gain workforce flexibility, consider contracting with us to assist with your recruiting needs.